Nintendo Explains Why Nintendo Land Lacked Online Multiplayer

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Nintendo Land producer Katsuya Eguchi says that the reason Nintendo Land lacked online multiplayer is due to the fact that they thought the game was better suited to communication between people sitting in the same room. Here’s what Eguchi told Famitsu.

“Nintendo Land’s multiplayer attractions work because of the communication shared between the people playing them. They were set up from the start to be something people in the same room could enjoy.”

Katsuya Eguchi also told Famisu that the development team originally had a Star Fox mini game in the works for Nintendo Land. Eguchi says that Metroid Blast was originally going to be a Star Fox mini game, but they felt the game was better suited to the Metroid franchise, so they chose that.

“Generally it was easy to match the gameplay from the prototypes with one series or another. For example, a game with air and ground battles works…

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