IC3 update

IC3 has a new member, samIam.  With a Halo 4 rank of SR77 he is already a pretty high level.


IC3 Clan Update

IC3’s GreenIce has changed his name to ShadowIce.

IC3 Ranks:
1: BloodyIce at SR98
2: BlackIce at SR77
3: ShadowIce at SR69
4: PinkIce at SR55

BlackIce’s Armor


Xbox 360 Sold More Than Wii U And Wii Combined During November

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Microsoft has announced that the Xbox 360 managed to sell more units than both the Wii U and the original Wii combined. Microsoft sold 1.26 million Xbox 360 consoles during the month of November in North America. Nintendo announced earlier that it sold 425,000 Wii U units and 420,000 Wii consoles.

#NPD reports Xbox 360 sells 1.26M consoles in Nov, nearly 2x all other consoles & >WiiU+Wii combined

– Aaron Greenberg, Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft

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Next Assassin’s Creed Game To Be Set In Brazil?

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Ubisoft Brazil managing director Bertrand Chaverot has apparently revealed that the next instalment of the immensely popular Assassin’s Creed franchise will be set in Brazil. Assassin’s Creed 3 featured missions set in the South American country, so it isn’t too surprising. Ubisoft’s North American outfit has yet to comment on the news.

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Wii U Games Aren’t Performing Well In The UK

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This weeks UK all-formats charts are in and they show a distinct lack of support for Wii U in the United Kingdom. The best-selling Wii U game is Nintendo Land which is currently sitting at number twenty-seven. Paper Mario: Sticker Star only managed to enter the UK all-formats chart at number forty. Nintendo can’t be too pleased with the performance of the system in the UK.

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Check Out These Retro Skins For Wii U And Its GamePad

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wii_u_retro_skinDecalGirl designs skins for the new Wii U console and its 6.2-inch touchscreen controller, the Wii U GamePad. One of its skins is retro-themed and is designed to look similar to an NES. You can purchase this skin set for $19.99 here.

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Wii U Is The Greenest Console

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Digital Foundry have conducted a number of power consumption tests and the results show that the Wii U blitzes the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The findings show that the Wii U draws roughly half the power of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which should save you some money on your power bill. The reason why the Wii U is so energy-efficient comes down to the CPU and increases in design efficiency and smaller chip sizes.

Thanks, Kathryn

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Nintendo Explains Why Nintendo Land Lacked Online Multiplayer

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Nintendo Land producer Katsuya Eguchi says that the reason Nintendo Land lacked online multiplayer is due to the fact that they thought the game was better suited to communication between people sitting in the same room. Here’s what Eguchi told Famitsu.

“Nintendo Land’s multiplayer attractions work because of the communication shared between the people playing them. They were set up from the start to be something people in the same room could enjoy.”

Katsuya Eguchi also told Famisu that the development team originally had a Star Fox mini game in the works for Nintendo Land. Eguchi says that Metroid Blast was originally going to be a Star Fox mini game, but they felt the game was better suited to the Metroid franchise, so they chose that.

“Generally it was easy to match the gameplay from the prototypes with one series or another. For example, a game with air and ground battles works…

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Infographic: The Evolution Of The First Person Shooter

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This infographic was conceptualized by Top10bestonline-casinos.

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